Stakch — Skaven

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Character Information


Physical Description

His appearance.

Stakch is a 5'9" thin skaven (ratfolk from Warhammer) with rich brown fur and tanner fur on his chest as well as a few white patches for his eyebrows, right shoulder, and a little bit of chest fluff. There is a long scar from his left shoulder to his right thigh from an old sword wound he suffered from an underling attempting to move up (Worry not, that underling has since been "dealt with"), he also suffered from a bite to his right shoulder that left a scar behind. As is common among his people, his nose area is free of fur with a pink flesh instead along with the tail, hands, and paws. He also proudly sports a crimson tattoo of the cursed triangle, the unifying mark of the Skaven Under-Empire. He has five fingers and toes and his eyes, unlike most skaven, are a brilliant orange color with a red pupil.

The cursed triangle. Know it well. For the Skaven can't go anywhere without marking it on the walls. You spot it, you know they're there.

His clothing primarily consists of well-worn shirts and shorts that he's gathered from various enemies and, as is the nature of all skaven, slapped the cursed triangle on the back of all of his shirts. As a member of Clan Moulder, and a packmaster in his own right, he wields a whip iconic of all packmasters and has pouches on his belt filled with all manner of insidious devices to aid in his daily life, including a sewing kit, syringes of poison or potions, and more.

For combat, he wields a halberd taken from a fallen Stormvermin and various pieces of armor he's patched together from enemies and often a bandolier of primarily-aerosolized vials containing a variety of poisons or transformative concoctions. He also wields a warplock pistol, a miniaturized version of the warplock jezzail.

Upbringing and Family

Where he started his life and any known family.

There is little to say about his upbringing and family. It was typical for a skaven, he was born to a random ratmother, joined his fellow clanrats, and worked, maneuvered, assassinated, and otherwise removed the competition to earn his way up to a cozy little lab in the Hell Pits for himself for his ingenuity in creating various effects. No one knows his recipes and that is the main way he's managed to maintain his position as a Master Moulder.

Master Moulder

His position within Clan Moulder.

Stakch holds a comfortable position as a Master Moulder. He studied and developed his own unique method for attaining the mutations and alterations to flesh compared to the surgical and warp energy methods used by other Master Moulders and the Master Mutators, but his ambitions are set on ultimately converting the entire world to skaven as opposed to simply creating new abominations. Some among the Clan view his methods as far too pacifist, but he could care less about their opinions as he's seen firsthand the effects of The Dreaded Thirteenth spell itself on the morale of the man-things and has chosen to utilize the fear the man-things have of being robbed of such a thing as their species and will. He'd argue it may very well be more cruel this way.

When he first attained the rank of Master Moulder, he faced several assassination attempts before he finally created his first prototype and instead of going after his competition, he went for the man-things. The results were spectacular and he's been satisfied to be left in peace while the others attempt to outmaneuver each other to advance, he's content to perfect his formulas to come in force with his army of converted foes after a seat on the Council of Thirteen itself.

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