Sableroo — My Fursona
While the others are characters that I have played in tabletop games or just made cause I wanted to, Ra'Zim is just me. Who I am. Or at least what I wish I looked like. The sableroo is a sable/roo hybrid! Primarily the marten (sables are a variety of marten native to Russia) part. So I accept being called a marten, but not just a roo!

Arix Crim


Kobold Druid
A mischievous kobold that enjoys using his druidic magics for a variety of interesting (to him) things. Of course, he also very much loves shinies of all kinds. One man's broken belt buckle is a kobold's shiny new trinket!



Labramon Guardian Restorer
A corrupted labramon, protected by his Holy Ring, that seeks to have a good time and lift up the spirits of his friends. He has a potentially unhealthy obsession with death, but that is probably just fine, right?



Mightyena Reluctant God Emperor
This shy bundle of social anxiety left his pack to seek out a life as a bounty hunter. He operates in the shadows as much as he can, though oftentimes life has other plans for him and drags him into the spotlight. Right where he really does not want to be. He's since reluctantly embraced his forced station as "God Emperor", though he would give much to not have that position.

Kalani Darrow


Ferrin Spellblade
Utilizing both magic and spear, he's the fiercely loyal captain of the guard and right hand of his lord. With his magic flowing through his weapon, he is a deadly enemy to those who would dare harm his friends and is always the first to the battlefield and last to leave.

Neves, King of Conquerors


Sable Lunar Exalted
A valiant and honorable commander seeking to unify the land. He is one of the chosen of Luna, and he leads his armies to bring all of Creation together in his noble pursuit to ensure evil is destroyed wherever it may try to hide from his sight.



Noble Fey Wild Dog Kineticist
A generally quiet African wild dog that wields the prime elements of earth, water, fire, and air to heal his friends and destroy his enemies. He goes about life trying to make things better and just be a good boy that keeps his friends safe however he can.



Elemental Firedog Warrior
Originally a growlithe, he is now a type of elemental known as a firedog hailing from the Plane of Fire. While demons may wield fire, he IS the flame and they will feel the burn of his clawblade.



Draconic Vessel of Chaos
A Dragon/Fighting type Riolu with an obsession with medieval weaponry and armor, and a love for all things shiny. He's also an embodiment of ADHD.

Stakch Needleshot


Skaven Master Moulder
A master of the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell, he's made his name for having bottled it in an easily dispensable form. This skaven excels at transformations of all manners and kinds and is always on the lookout for more test subjects.

Xivir Thoriston von Eucalyptus


Marcep Professor of Xenozoology
Also specializing in biotech augmentations and veterinarian services, he is the premier expert of all things xenozoology in the galaxy. He travels the universe seeking more knowledge and critters to study alongside his loyal companions and a very generous supply of grenades and other explosives.



Old Deer Sona
This is my old deer fursona. I no longer relate to him, but he still holds an important place to me.



Old Wolf Sona
This is my old wolf fursona. I no longer relate to him, but he still holds an important place to me.

Zim the Human


The Human
This is my human self! This profile really only exists for TF shenanigans.