Ra’Zim — Sableroo

Reference Sheets


Sableroo SFW Reference Sheet

Sableroo Paw Update - I have not been able to get the main ref sheet updated yet, please utilize this piece for the paw reference!

Sableroo Additional Clothing - I like extra outfits, so I got some! Feel free to mix/match or change colors! This is more for inspiration (unless I say otherwise!)

Sableroo NSFW Ref (Warning: Adult Content)

A note: Ra'Zim is me. This is my fursona and meant to show my furry side while being, well, me.

Character Information


Physical Description

His appearance.

Ra'Zim is a 6'6" (not including ears) sable/roo hybrid with brown/tan fur.

Art Credit


Reference Sheet was commissioned from GothWolf, ThatWildMary, and ChillyPhillix (NSFW warning on some of those links, 18+ only)