Ra’Deer — Deer

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Deer SFW Reference Sheet

Deer NSFW Ref (Warning: Adult Content)

Note: This is my old fursona. He no longer represents me, but does still hold an important place to me.

Character Information


Physical Description

His appearance.

Ra'Zim is a 6'7" tall (not including antlers) deer with gray fur. He tends to prefer wearing button-up shirts as they are able to be worn without dealing with his antlers. He always wears shorts though, even in the depths of winter. Instead of the typical deer hooves, Ra'Zim has fully-padded hands and plantigrade feet. His feet resemble rabbit paws in appearance, with the exception of the full pad. He keeps his fur soft and smooth and his pads are taken care of to keep them soft. A very light film of fur on his pads gives them a slightly velvety feel.


Where he started his life.

I grew up moving all over as my Dad was in the marine corps. I finally wound up settling in Utah with my Mom and step-dad, finishing high school in Ohio living with my grandparents. I grew up with video games. I have fond memories of my Super Nintendo and long nights with games from Donkey Kong Country to Baldur's Gate to Warcraft and Diablo. I've always had an adventurous side, I want to explore and discover new places and things.

Art Credit


Reference Sheet was commissioned from GothWolf (NSFW warning, 18+ only)

Image in the Physical Description section was commissioned from Lazertooth

Image in the Childhood section was commissioned from Bit-Bite