Asher — Labramon

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Character Information


Physical Description

His appearance and accessories.

As a Digimon, Asher is very capable of transforming his body to suit his needs. In particular, while he's normally in his quadruped form, he can slide evolve to a bipedal form at will. He is a labramon, specifically a corrupted labramon. He has sharp upright ears tipped with crimson fur with dark gray fur otherwise and a darker red fur inside the ears. He has a dark red canid nose and a few teeth poking out of his muzzle on either side about midway back and his eyes are orange. He generally has a very canid form, akin to a husky, covered in dark gray fur with a light gray underbelly and crimson fur covering his curved, fluffy tail. He has three-toed paws in feral form, with very large, sharp white claws and dark red paw pads on the bottoms. His hands in anthro form are five-fingered with red pads on the finger tips and separated pads on the palms with his footpaws being the same as feral form. Upon his face is a crimson marking similar to a broken Crest of Miracles.

Regardless of anything else, he has a silvered Holy Ring around his neck. This can not be removed and is always present. He wears a leather strap on his forearms/legs, extending around his middle finger/toe. Under his shorts is a pair of boxers. His usual shorts are a camo-designed pair of cargo shorts. He wears a holster on his left thigh, holding his Valve Dock and keeping it safe. Beyond that, he wears a button-up t-shirt with two chest pockets and a wide collar.

Upbringing and Family

Where he started his life and any known family.

Asher's egg was brought to Hope's Bastion by his dad, Jace, a Guilmon. He hatched there as a Paomon, though he only spent a few days in this stage of his life. He grew quickly into a Xiaomon where he began to meet and learn more about the difficult situation this refuge is in. He grew to really enjoy hanging out with many of the other digimon in the village, especially their leader Holru the Magnamon and his adopted father Jace. He has decided he wants to become a Royal Knight himself, as he has heard rumors that his dad once was before he was blackened by the leader of the X, as well as their leader. He follows them both and studies what they do, hoping to learn enough to earn that title. Beyond that, he very much enjoys his life at home, doing what he can to help out Jace while trying to avoid being too much of a burden on his dad. Now that he is a labramon, he is embracing the new responsibilities and working hard to better himself, studying medicine and combat and a variety of other skills that will hopefully help him along in following in the footsteps of his former gallantmon father.

Personality & Aspirations

Who he is and what he wants.

Asher has a very jovial and innocent nature to himself. He approaches every day with optimism. That said, he is always learning, always seeking more knowledge. He eagerly takes in whatever he can learn about the world that used to be and the world that is. He fervently takes to heart the things he learns from Jace and the other Digimon of Hope's Bastion, though this passion for learning seems to go beyond just a simple personality quirk, like something deep in the back of his head and trying to take in everything it can get.

As said above, he aspires to become a Royal Knight, leading the charge into battle and aiding his allies in the fight against the X as a strong and noble cleric like the hero he plays in his weekly Digifinder game. While he leans more towards a support role with his particular learnings, he has certainly not shirked off his other skills, trying to make sure he can be as strong as possible. Aside from that, Asher is also very much into games of all kinds. He has a Valve Dock he got from Steam, his Datamon friend, that he carries with him everywhere he goes in a special holster he got and will frequently be found playing on it when he has a small break from his duties, alongside his enjoyment of TTRPGs like Digifinder.

Not all is butterflies and rainbows for Asher though. There is a rather morbid side to him with jokes he makes off-handedly, a fascination with death and the process thereof. He does not understand where that comes from, but it is definitely an odd quirk for the Digimon.

Current Status

Where he is now.

Asher is now part of a team of Digimon and he eagerly faces the wastes of the world, scavenging for supplies, rescuing survivors, and fighting back the X. He feels some sort of history to him from before he was an egg and he strives to learn more about this world in order to protect his friends and family. He definitely will not let anyone scar his father or anyone else he loves again.

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