Who I am

Hello! My name is Ra'Zim, or just Zim for short. This is my personal website. I am a primarily gay furry . I do what I can to make this world a better place every little bit at a time. You'll find info about me and my various endeavors here.

ZGF Gaming

A furry-based gaming community
ZGF Gaming is a gaming community I own. It is meant to be an open and welcoming community, one where everyone can find a place to play, relax, and enjoy the entire reason we play: Video Games. Gaming is an integral part of my life, something I greatly enjoy and have many fond memories of from years past. ZGF Gaming itself has a couple dedicated servers behind it, providing the best quality gaming servers we can. I am always looking for new games to host and more fun that can be had for the entire community.

Twitch Streaming

Come watch me play!
I stream a lot on Twitch! I've found I very much enjoy doing so and playing various games for others to join and watch. I emphasize interacting with my viewers and welcome others to come chat with me on voice via Discord. I would welcome you all to come join me on Discord and my Twitch channel. I have formed together a team as well. A team of other furs who stream and work together to succeed together. You should join our Telegram channel via @ZGFGaming.