Hunter — Poochyena & Mightyena

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Character Information


Physical Description

His appearance and accessories.

Hunter is a small special variety of poochyena. He stands at a foot and a half tall, with orange eyes. His body is primarily covered in brown fur with a black underbelly, muzzle, and "socks" on his paws. His flesh is a purple color, coloring his nose and tongue as such. On his forehead is a purple crescent-shaped marking with three prongs on the bottom, similar to a closed eye. This marking is a birthmark signifying his unique psychic typing in addition to the dark type that is normal amongst other poochyena.

Hunter is almost always seen with his hat, it is a large-brimmed hat with a belt on it. He picked up this hat in particular because it was too large for him in order to cover his mark and often uses it to hide behind. In addition to his hat, the other accessory that Hunter carries is a bag slung over his shoulder and resting on his flank. The possessions he keeps in there are only known to him though.

Upbringing and Family

Where he started his life and any known family.

Hunter was one of those special-born beings out there. The typical trope of a special child that is considered destined for greatness. When he was born, the mark on his forehead was very prominently seen and praised with his pack. Alas, kids will be kids and they can be very cruel to anyone outside the norm. He suffered some outright gruesome bullying as a pup from the others he grew up with. He lived his early years as an outcast, someone left to himself while the others went out to play. The adults in the pack always took a special interest in him, treating him like a precious ornament that needed to be protected at all costs. They always expected more and more from him though, he was not allowed to fail, always expected to be perfect in every way. He did enjoy reading though, eagerly asking his parents for any books that the traders brought with them to town and quickly learned how to use telekinesis in order to hold the books and turn pages to read them. Beyond that, Hunter shares very little of his past, and even that bit is something that has to be dragged out of him. His personality nowadays shows the scars of his earlier years.

Personality & Aspirations

Who he is and what he wants.

Hunter is a shy bundle of social anxiety. Between the bullying of the other pups in his pack and the expectations of perfection from the adults in his life, Hunter's been left with more than a few mental scars. He has a stutter and will do everything he can to avoid confrontation and social interactions in general. He often uses his hat to hide as much of himself as possible from view and keep others from seeing him. When threatened however, the poochyena will spring up his Eyelit Darkness signature move. He surrounds himself in a field of darkness with purple eyes looking out for danger. Using this move has become second nature to Hunter, utilizing it anytime he feels like he's in danger. The darkness sometimes seems to have a will of its own though, especially when it pops up in a self-defense situation. In spite of his social anxiety and trying to avoid the spotlight, he will do his best to help his friends and stands up for them in his own awkward way. Even if it is at his own detriment.

For the poochyena's aspirations, he wants to be a bounty hunter. He wants to go on adventures and spend as much time away from society as possible and when reading his books he often found those who hunt down ne'er-do-wells to be social outcasts of their own. So the career resonated with him and he began to seek more information on them. One day he hopped onto a trader wagon, hiding himself in amongst their wares and traveled away from his home to seek out his future away from the abuses he suffered. Even if the future may not be the one he was hoping for, he will face it shrouded in his bubble of darkness.

Adventurer's Beginning

The start of his adventures.

Hiding in among the wares, Hunter did not see how far away he traveled. He left the caravan after the food he had brought along began to run out and wandered around for several more days until he wound up in a village he came to know as Hilltop, nearly on the brink of starvation. After having been nursed back to health, he got roped into joining the guild. He has been in the village for about a year, mostly hiding in various parts of the village and just watching life outside of when he got dragged out into doing a mission. When an annual festival came about, there was a tournament and the poochyena watched the fights with interest until the end. Hilltop is comprised of three individual leaders, the mountain village leader comes down to challenge the other two for leading all three that comprise Hilltop. The leaders invited others to join the challenge. Cobalt, a riolu Hunter considered his friend, entered the final bout after winning the prior tournament and Hunter looked at the blastoise, gyarados, and rhydon and the little poochyena worried his friend would be severely injured. So he entered as well. His intention was to use his Eyelit Darkness to protect Cobalt and keep him from being destroyed, but then another individual, a trader named Sai, entered as well. Sai the scyther knocked out all three leaders in one blow and then took a fall out of the ring leaving only Cobalt and Hunter to fight.

Hunter wanted to forfeit and give it to Cobalt, but the riolu attacked fiercely without waiting a moment. Hunter reacted to defend himself, his darkness filling the ring to protect him. The fight went on for what seemed like forever, but Cobalt was somewhat outmatched by the poochyena. Ultimately, the battle ended with Hunter as the victor after he used his telekinesis to pick up the riolu and dropping him outside the ring. Then Hunter found himself in perhaps the most dreaded role he could have possibly been in: The Leader of Hilltop. What will happen from here? You'll have to watch the show and find out!

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Reference Sheet was commissioned from StarWolfskin.

Sketch in the Physical Description section was a request from Jetyl.