Arix’s Journal

Hammer 13th, 1481 DR

Rakuu and I were hired to escort a wagon from Neverwinter to Phandalin today. It seems that the dwarf decided to hire a bunch of others as well, I’m not sure how I like these others, but coin is coin. Gundren, the dwarf, decided to go ahead of us and we’re to take this wagon along. It really seems rather dumb to me, what’s to stop us from just keeping this stuff? Well, to be fair most of it doesn’t matter to me, but still. After traveling a little while, we came across the dead horses of our patron and his escort, some warrior named wintertree or winterhill or something. Hallwinter, maybe? Yeah, that’s it. It turns out that the horses were left in the path in order for goblins to ambush travelers. Pathetic. Goblins are stupid, and they stink. We have some sort of cleric with us who really doesn’t make very good choices as she decided to just go up and stab at a suspicious bush, almost cost her her life. But we got past that and it turns out the goblins had some tasty centipedes in a basket, I enjoyed my snack.

After the goblins were dispatched, the others decided to keep on going, leaving the wagon we were escorting behind, idiots. I got the horses pushed out of the path and carried on until we turned the corner and found a path going off into the trees, obviously made by goblins. The others kept debating whether to keep going, or rest, or head down this path, so I decided to just go down this other path. I’m driving the wagon, so naturally the others followed along. We found this cave with a little stream flowing out of it at the end and I tied up the wagon oxen and went to investigate. A trio of goblins were supposedly on guard outside the front of it, but I was able to walk up behind them -in broad daylight no less!- and sent them flying with a fun little Thunderwave spell, hehe. After they were dispatched, we went into the cave and found some poor wolves chained up. The things were ravenous and seemed to think I’d make a good meal. Thanks to some help from the cleric and another party member, we calmed them down and they weren’t so mean.

We ventured further into the cave and discovered more goblins and that Hallwinter guy who had been captured. Heh, some warrior he turned out to be. We had some small trouble after splitting up, but goblins are pathetic and they were eventually slain. I was able to pocket away some gold teeth that one of the goblins had taken from some other unfortunate soul before facing off against the bugbear “leader” of the goblins and finding a large amount of supplies belonging to some local keep or some such. We loaded those supplies into our wagon and set the wolves free (though there were some savages in our group who wanted to kill the poor things) and well, now we continue on to Phandalin. This wasn’t a bad start to my adventure.