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Physical Description

His appearance.

Razor is a young growlithe with alternate colors. Instead of the normal orange colors of a growlithe, his fur consists of grays and blues. Also unlike a normal growlithe, he is able to stand on two legs and walk around like an anthro. Razor, when in anthro form, tends to wear a red shirt and tan cargo shorts. If there is a lot of snow and ice out, he'll also wear white tennis shoes.
As far as accessories go, Razor wears a watch with a leather band and a leather anklet. When heading out, he often wears a backpack, filled with various things to keep him entertained.


Where he started his life.

Razor was one of many experiments Team Rocket performed in their attempts to clone Mew. He remembers little prior to Mewtwo breaking free and destroying the lab. Rocket scientists had included a shred of human DNA in the cloning process after prior attempts entirely failed, which resulted in Razor's ability to shift from feral to anthro and back. Several other experiments had been performed in this manner using the various evolution stones as a catalyst to trigger the creation of this new life. Most of the fire stone used for the growlithe's creation dissolved away over time, but Razor was not quite "finished" when the facility was destroyed. He wears the remaining shard of the fire stone as a necklace and is able to use this to temporarily evolve into an arcanine.

After escaping, he was found by Blaine and received some training and given an idea of the world before his curious nature led him to adventure forth, even seeking to become a Trainer himself.


Also includes what education he's had.

Razor finds himself often very curious. With his growth not quite completed by Team Rocket, he's missing some of the finer points of life. That said, he actually has a lot of information in his head. He is highly intelligent, with books and books of information implanted in his mind, but he lacks the ability to tie things together. He can sometimes be a little clueless when it comes to things that are not plain and obvious. Over years, he'll learn to tie the subjects in his mind to each other, but for now he is full of curiosity about the world he lives in. While very strange, he ventures as a Trainer himself, so he can see the world more.

When he evolves into an arcanine, his personality changes quite a bit. He is aware of how powerful he is in that form, and takes on a bit more of a cocky nature. He knows that few other Pokemon can stand up to him and that knowledge represents itself in how he interacts with others, making great use of his Intimidate ability. Razor as an arcanine is in charge, and while this strong-headed outlook leads him to some rather difficult situations, his power is usually able to get him out of most problems.

Current Status

What he is up to now.

After he decided to move on from the relatively small island of Cinnabar, Razor was taken by Blaine to the mainland, or more specifically, Pallet Town. In Pallet Town, he met Professor Oak and was allowed to become a Trainer with a sponsorship from the gym leader. Razor took an eevee as his first Pokemon, nicknaming the eevee "Domino". Despite a rather shaky start, the two became fast partners. Razor picked up a badge here and there, but for the most part he just wandered the world, taking in everything there was to see. He's faced a few encounters with other trainers trying to catch him, but with his high intelligence, he always managed to get away without being caught. Professor Oak gave him a "letter of introduction" which allowed Razor fairly free reign across the regions he visited.

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