Squirrel — Riolu

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Character Information


Physical Description

His appearance and accessories.

Squirrel is a hyperactive riolu/kobold hybrid, who refers to himself as a drackal mainly! He is the embodiment of ADHD. He has blue fur covering a little more than half of his body with black scales covering his belly, an area on his back, his forearms and shins, his hands and paws, and a mask-like shape on his face extending to his nose. He also has a tan furry mane around his neck. His eyes are orange in color, and atop his head are a large pair of ears and semi-short straight horns. On his back, you'll find large wings with a black leathery membrane. The palms of his hands and soles of his paws are fully covered in a soft, leathery gray pad with a texture reminiscent of very soft scales. Beyond all that, you'll find metallic protrusions on the backs of his forearms and in the shape of spines starting below his wings and going down his tail. His tail is relatively long and prehensile.

Squirrel has a fascination with medieval styles, so even though others around him may not be wearing such an archaic design, he still will. On his shoulder is a pauldron with a shoulder cape attached to it, this cape is gray with a gold ribbon he found early in his adventures lining the inside of it. Also on the inside of this cape is a large number of pouches with trailing pockets where he stashes away his various belongings and hoard. The pauldron is strapped on by a leather strap going across his chest and back. Around his neck is the only possession he has from before he woke up as a Pokemon, a simple leather band with beads and a wolf's fang. Onto this necklace, he has added the key to his chest as well, so he never loses it. Covering his modesty is a simple pair of black shorts held on by a belt. Lastly for his outfit is a double-headed axe attached to his tail for combat.

Amnesiac Beginnings

What little he remembers of his time before he woke up as a Pokemon.

Squirrel remembers very little from before he woke up as a Pokemon. He recalls that he was 19, and something about this thing called college. There are also vague memories of a love for medieval styling and weaponry and a ferocious warrior known as a berserker. He also remembers that he used to work a forge as a blacksmith, crafting weapons. Beyond this though, his memory is a blank. Either way, he makes the best of his new life that he can!

Personality & Aspirations

Who he is and what he wants.

Squirrel is the embodiment of ADHD. Despite medicated attempts to help him manage it, he is a very easily-distracted drackal with a very keen love of all things shiny that he attempts to gather and add to his growing hoard. He has a very combative and competitive spirit that leave him pushing his body far beyond their limits to try and win any fight he partakes in. Otherwise he is found pursuing his hyper-fixations with forging armor, weaponry, and other forms of crafting. You will very rarely find Squirrel sitting still, he is always on the move to the next project he is inspired to enact.

The drackal wants to be a strong warrior, able to take a hit and keep on punching or slashing with his weapons. He charges into battle eagerly, seeking to improve himself and ensure he's the target instead of his allies. Aside from his combat aspirations, he also wants to be a master craftsman, able to forge the best items and is even inspired to get into many other forms of crafting. He loves to work on things and gathers knowledge to advance these skills especially.

Current Status

Where he is now.

Squirrel has only been awake as a Pokemon for a very short time; however, his life has already been full of adventure. He's met a tail guy who helped him make his clothing, as well as a librarian who helped him forge his tail axe and key for his chest. He's made many new friends and especially drawn close to his partner in chaos, Chomper. Together with Chomper, Paz, Scruff, Vane, and Kazza they have formed Team Chaos, a rescue team for the guild seeking adventure and to help others in need!

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