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Character Information


Physical Description

His appearance and accessories.

Paint is a Noble Fey African Wild Dog. What that means is that he appears to be a standard feral wild dog (by default), and truly is, but his pack hails from the fey wilds. As a feral, he stands at 3'0" even at the shoulder, and as an anthro, he's 5'0". He possesses the typical asymmetrical color patterns consisting of various splotches of browns, tans, dark browns, and blacks. His right side has a generally lighter color palette as opposed to the left which leans towards darker colors compared to the right. His eyes are an orange color and his head is symmetrical in coloration. His paw pads are grey colored, covering the full palm in anthro form alongside heel pads. Regardless of form, he is always seen with his simple linen bandanna about his neck, and a brown feather earring in his left ear.

One more very important thing he is almost never seen without is his leather ball, a very simple ball that he stores his power inside of each day for easier access.

Outside of the accessories Paint is always seen with, in feral form he also wears a pack stretching across his back. For his anthro form, he wears a tan leather vest, usually worn open, with a small pack strapped across his chest and back underneath the vest. On each of the wild dog's forearms are a pair of simple leather bracers and covering his waist are linen shorts, held on by a red sash. The only other article of clothing he wears are sandals strapped by a red ribbon going over the paws and his calves.

Upbringing and Family

Where he started his life and any known family.

Paint, as well as the rest of his pack, was born in the Material Plane. His pack does not really follow the standard parentage norms of other societies, any pups that are born are part of the pack as a whole and oftentimes no one bothers to remember who was born to who, the older ones all take care of the new pups. They live a more nomadic lifestyle, traveling across the plains and hunting food as they go, always seeking to see what is out there. A common trait to his people is a strong sense of curiosity. For his part, Paint was particularly curious about the world and often served as a scout, looking out for trouble and traveling further than the rest of his pack did. He learned from the various members of his pack how to manipulate the prime elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. While most of his pack were limited to only one or two elements, he was among the few that managed to learn how to manipulate all four, though this particular capability is something roughly 1 in 10 pups can do.

The African wild dog was able to befriend (or create, the details are a bit murky) an elemental spirit that takes the shape of an archaeopteryx but assuming the form of an elemental of whatever Paint's primary element is each day. This flying dinosaur friend, who Paint named Rex, helped to keep Paint company as well as scout out the terrain.

As Paint became an adult, he found himself desiring to adventure further than his pack was willing to do and after a farewell hunt which he took down an elephant during, he was allowed to leave and settle his adventurous nature.

Paint found himself wandering quickly into the human lands. He passed through multiple sets of farm lands and was getting hungry. His pack did not have the concept of farming, or ownership over livestock and he went in and grabbed himself a chicken. Which promptly had him getting attacked by the owner of the farm, suffering multiple injuries he ran away and collapsed near another farmhouse further down the road. He was nursed back to health by the farmer, a gnome by the name of Wiknest and his family. Paint was grateful and helped out the farm with herding their sheep and began to learn a lot about how things worked in the society he was now living in. This is also where he was given his common name as his proper name is a series of barks, growls, and scents that those speaking the common tongue could not replicate. He enjoyed his life there for that summer and fall, being given his bandanna he wears with pride and his most prized possession: A simple leather ball that he began to utilize as a focus for his powers.

Removal from the Cycle

How he was deleted from reality and rendered to a state outside of life and death.

When the end of fall came along, Paint escorted his newfound little family along the way to the village to deliver their products from the year. Near to the village, a group of highwaymen waylaid their wagon, demanding the family's money and the wild dog intervened, fighting off the bandits with the fire powers he had active that day. He chased after the bandits, running them off and throwing fire after them, but people from the village saw this, and him shouting after them to not try and hurt people again. He returned to his family and they proceeded into the village itself, where rumors had begun spreading very rapidly. Upon arrival, the four gnomes and Paint were met with a rabble that had gathered with the typical pitchforks and torches, led by the village's cleric. They accused Paint of being a hellhound, and ignored the protests of his little family and after the wild dog chose to run and not let them be involved, he was chased down. Paint watched with fear as the cleric began to cast, calling upon his god to banish the "demon". Paint did not want to fight them, and was injured and tired from the encounter with the bandits, he could not get away far enough as a brilliant golden claw extended forth towards the dog. He called out, pleading that he was not a demon, that he was not going to hurt them, he was only trying to protect his family. The priest shut down Paint's pleas, calling for the village not to give into the temptations of this evil, and not to listen to the demon's lies. Paint was left with no option but to watch the claw close around his body and he felt intense pain, his form being ripped asunder and his spirit being pushed away from the world.

Paint found himself drifting towards something that he could only describe as nothingness. A complete absence of everything. Then there was a tug, a pull, he was being drawn forward towards a new place, somewhere outside of what he knew. He was met by a creature describing itself as a Coff named Marrir. He was scared, and would not speak anymore, instead relying on brief, timid telepathic images being sent and he was set loose into the city of Twilight.

Personality & Aspirations

Who he is and what he wants.

Paint is a friendly sort, always eager to help others and very willing to use his healing specialty as he can to restore others. He wants to be a good boy, he wants to help others and do what he can. That said, he is a dog and he does dog things. He's driven by a pursuit for food and finding a pack to be close to. He will mark territory and just about anything spherical or squeaky are very likely to draw his attention quickly. After the experience of being deleted, he refuses to speak anymore though. His new home of Twilight seems to be accepting of his telepathic communications, but he still refuses to speak, afraid of a repeat of that pain, of another attack and misunderstanding. He really is a good boy, and he'll prove that, or at least he will try to.

He does have a fear of thunder though, and other loud noises. He also finds himself not understanding everything of society and the inner workings thereof, his own pack functioning very different from what a lot of people do. He makes friends easily though, or at least he considers people his friends easily, assigning them wild dog forms similar to himself in his head when he decides they are a friend.

For his aspirations? They are very simple. He just wants to help others and be a good boy. He wants to make sure his friends do not suffer pain like he did and creatures and things that cause pain are things he seeks to destroy as thoroughly as he can.

Current Status

Where he is now.

The African wild dog now finds himself in a city called Twilight, a sprawling place that apparently exists outside of time and space. It is a gathering place of spirits that were ripped from their worlds through means similar to his own; although he does not really understand what that all means. After his arrival, he was hungry and asked around with telepathic images of food. Paint was directed to a group called the Recallers, who go out and help others, or at least that's what he understands of their mission. He signed up and while he was not given food outright, he did get these rather tasty, warm things they called Scæls as well as a bag they strapped around his body. He then wandered about the city and found himself following a vaguely familiar scent out past a torn apart region to the end of a broken bridge where he encountered a dragon. He sat there for a short time before he was sent back along the bridge to find his newest friend, and getting adopted by, Last/Lost. Paint has now joined their team of Fragment Ø Found to go out and help others!

Art Credit


Reference Sheet, first Picture in the Physical Description section, and Pictures from the Upbringing & Family and Removal from the Cycle sections were commissioned from Wicked Whiskers.

Second picture in the Physical Description section was commissioned from Jetyl.

Third picture in the Physical Description section was commissioned from Adalore.