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Character Information


Physical Description

His appearance.

Arix's ClothingArix Crim is a 26 year old kobold with coal-colored scales covering most of his body. He has crimson scales covering portions of his snout as well as under his jaw, his belly and the underside of his tail. He has two off-white horns and ridges lining his jaw. He has “hair” that consists of orange feathers. His eyes are orange.

He typically wears a couple pieces of leather armor with a linen shirt underneath and green pants. His belt holds several pouches and bags that contain his various trinkets and treasures he’s gathered over the years. Around his neck is a crimson kerchief that he had received as a hatchling from his mother.

Upbringing and Family

Where he started his life and any known family.

Arix was born outside the city of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast of Faerun. He and his brother, Rakuu Crim, grew up traversing the river between Neverwinter itself and the woods of the same name outside. They primarily lived on fish and a few small critters they caught.

Arix and Rakuu never really knew their parents, having disappeared on them shortly after Rakuu's birth two years after Arix. However, they have made as good a life as they could, living off what they could gather both in the city and outside it.

Class Beginnings

How he began his journey as a tool of the wilds.

Arix was taught his craft as a Druid around the age of four. Rakuu and he met a druid in Neverwinter Wood on accident when they trapped the wild shaped elf in a trap. The elf took pity on the two orphans and recognized the aptitude for learning how to harness the powers of nature. He aided them during that summer and set Arix on his path to becoming a true druid, teaching both how to read and write. When it was time for the elf to move on, he left the two with a book about the history of Neverwinter as well as a tome of arcane spells that he had acquired on his own travels. The spell tome was of particular interest to Rakuu, who began to study it and unlocked his own arcane abilities in the process. They both took advantage of the books to further learn Common and also how to read and write Draconic.

During the early days of Arix's solo studies as a Druid, he came across a bear. Arix attempted to practice some of his manipulation spells to a very unsuccessful effect. The bear mauled the little kobold and left him within an inch of his life. His ribs were crushed, claw marks were all over his body, and if not for Rakuu, he would have died. After a lengthy recovery, Arix was able to heal back up, but left some scars as a reminder of the price of failure.

Adult Life

Before he became an adventurer.

Rakuu and Arix made their living for most of their lives as fishermen. They lived in the forest most of the time, but when they needed something or at least before winter set in, they would take their little raft down the river to Neverwinter and catch what they could along the way, selling their haul and buying what they needed if they were able to. Arix quickly learned how to live off the land, even curing and shaping his own leather into the suitable, if basic, leather armor he wears. He's done various jobs and even served as a caravan guard a couple of times traveling from Neverwinter to the nearby towns. No matter how far he's traveled, he always winds up back in Neverwinter Wood eventually though.

While living in the forest, Arix came across a ferret who had gotten caught in an abandoned hunter's trap. The little animal had given up fighting and nearly starved when the kobold came across him and rescued him. He took the ferret back to his little hovel that he shared with Rakuu and nursed the ferret back to health. As a druid, he tried to return the ferret to the wild afterwards, but the ferret wound up sleeping on the kobold when the next morning came. Arix tried again to put the ferret back in the wild but after finding the little thing in his bag, he decided to just keep the ferret, naming him Shad.

Approach to Life

as well as Religion, Politics, and other things.

Arix had little interaction with clergy aside from the occasional handouts that he eagerly accepted in his earlier years to get both he and his brother by. The kobold just never cared about religion or politics. Those were things for those better off to ponder and engage in. He was a lowly kobold and had to work to ensure they ate each evening. In spite of his position, he never stopped seeking ways to improve himself and made sure that he brought his brother with him on everything.

The kobold believes strongly in change. He believes that anyone has the ability to change their situation if they're willing to put forth the effort to make it happen. The low can be lifted up, and he intends to earn his higher position someday. That being said, he is indifferent towards helping the more common races. As a kobold, he's been the subject of persecution in Neverwinter and everywhere else he's managed to travel. He will help if he has to, but somewhat reluctantly if he believes them to have had a higher position than him most of their lives. He will always step in to defend the weak, though. He'll protect animals and fellow outcast races to the best of his ability. Despite this, he'd only give his life in order to save his brother, he believes that while he can not win some battles, it would be better that he live to help others than die defending one.

Psychological Profile

How he thinks.

The most, and only, trusted creature in Arix's life is his brother, Rakuu. He tries to be friendly with others, but finds he can be a bit distant with strangers because of his history. He struggles to converse and work with strangers towards a common goal, favoring his own tactics and relying on his own strengths to pull him through. The kobold has found himself at odds with the law sometimes as he believes that it isn't stealing if he or his brother need something more than the one he takes it from. He keeps a shackle on his wrist to remind himself that it is indeed against the law to steal and that if he does so, he can not do so if it means a risk of being caught. It would be impossible to take care of his brother from a jail cell after all. No matter how rough he has it as an adult, Arix tries to leave what he can at an orphanage in Neverwinter, not wanting others to start life as he did. He does this in secret, feeling a bit awkward and unsure of if his help would be appreciated if they knew the sources as some of the food and gold was acquired through less than legitimate means.

The Zhentarim

His Faction Allegiance

Growing up on the streets and in the forest nearby Neverwinter, Arix and his brother struggled to survive until they met a representative of the Zhentarim. They learned to help and participate in the faction from early on, earning a promotion after several years from their participation in aiding a Zhentarim member in the city of Phandelver by the name of Halia Thornton.

The Future

Where he’s going from here.

Arix has plans for his future. He does not intend to keep up this existence he has. He wants to become more powerful, seek out his own fortune. Currently he's traveling with a group delivering supplies for an employer that he really does not care much for remembering their name. He and his brother are traveling with this group and from here, he plans to set out. He isn't going to return to Neverwinter this time. His future is out there and he's going to take it. Besides, there are a lot of shiny things out there to gather.

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